About Cloud

What is cloud?

  • Cloud refers to a technology for the remote use of execution and storage resources.

What is cloud computing?

  • Cloud computing means providing on-demand, fully automated access, via the internet, to computing, storage and networking resources.  Cloud resources (such as servers, storage drives and network connections) may be shared between several customers (public cloud) or dedicated to a single customer (private cloud).
  • Cloud resources used by businesses can be operated and maintained at a company’s own facilities (“on-premises”), or they can be outsourced to cloud service providers such as OVHcloud.

What is IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)?

  • IaaS refers to the service by which a cloud service provider makes available to its customer an IT infrastructure (servers, backup, storage, etc.) that the customer can use or configure remotely to compose its own environment.

What is PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)?

  • PaaS refers to the service by which a cloud service provider makes available to its customer an infrastructure (servers, backup, storage etc.) as well as tools called “middleware” (database, web server etc.). 

What is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)?

  • SaaS refers to the service by which a cloud service provider makes available to the customer tools that it hosts (software, applications, etc.) that can be accessed remotely by the customer and associated services (hosting, maintenance, etc.).

What is private cloud?

  • Private cloud means the provision by a service provider of a server (computing power, storage and physical infrastructure) to a single customer by distributing the server’s capacity among groups of users authorized by the customer.
  • OVHcloud provides two main private cloud offerings: Baremetal Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud.
    • Baremetal Cloud: OVHcloud’s Baremetal Cloud service is a private Cloud solution providing automatized physical servers dedicated to customers, which have full control over the server, including the choice of operating system.
    • Hosted Private Cloud: OVHcloud’s Hosted Private Cloud solution is a private cloud solution providing dedicated servers and platforms fully selected and managed by OVHcloud, including the operating system and the virtualization stack

What is public cloud?

  • Public cloud refers to the provision of a server (computing capacity, storage physical infrastructure) by a service provider to several customers; the server is then shared between these customers. Public cloud solutions provide users with virtually unlimited computing capacity.

What is hybrid cloud?

  • Hybrid cloud is a solution that combines public and private cloud within a single organization. This can involve a tremendous range of bespoke combinations, designed to suit organisation’s specific requirements in terms of security, scalability and flexibility, as well as any applicable laws and regulations regarding data sovereignty and reversibility.

What is multi cloud?

  • Multi cloud refers to a solution involving the use of computing and storage services from multiple vendors.

What is digital sovereignty?

  • Digital sovereignty is the ability of a state to control all digital resources (infrastructures, platforms, Internet access), from an economic, social and political point of view — free from third parties or external influences.

What is data sovereignty?

  • Data sovereignty is the ability of organizations to protect their data against possible interference, particularly when it comes to data security. It also enables them to act independently, particularly in areas that are strategic for their development. Compliance with European regulations — which limits the possibility of transferring personal data outside the European Union — is a guarantee of data sovereignty.

What is “open trusted cloud”?

  • The “open trusted cloud” is a label created by OVHcloud for providers of software applications and of PaaS and SaaS solutions, certifying that the solutions used are open and compliant with European standards and allowing them to be hosted by OVHcloud.

What is watercooling?

  • OVHcloud uses a proprietary watercooling technology, combining water-cooled servers with air-cooled data centers, which it pioneered and has used for over 20 years. This technology has significant environmental and cost benefits.