Strengths & Competitive Advantages

Leveraging OVHcloud’s strengths in a rapidly growing market

The only major European player in a fast growing cloud market

OVHcloud is a leading Europe-based cloud services provider, number 2 in private cloud in Europe, and increasingly present in the public cloud market.

The cloud market grew quickly over the last years, with a 35% to 40% CAGR estimated between 2017 and 2020. Cloud infrastructure, software platform services and web cloud are the main market sectors addressed by OVHcloud (Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or IaaS, and Platform-as-a-Service, or PaaS).

The only large player capable of meeting data security and sovereignty demands

OVHcloud's "open trusted cloud" services are an important differentiator. Thanks to its European-based offering, entirely separate from its US operations, OVHcloud believes that its data sovereignty solutions are unmatched among leading cloud providers.

OVHcloud's “open trusted cloud” services are also a powerful differentiator in North America, India and Asian markets. The Group is committed not to use its customers' data to optimise or sell its own solutions, thus avoiding any risk of conflict of interest. OVHcloud allows its customers to choose the location of their data among its 33 data centres around the world and offers the highest standards in terms of data protection through its wide range of security certifications.

A comprehensive series of solutions designed to meet the growing demand for multi cloud and hybrid cloud strategies

OVHcloud offers a comprehensive range of private, public and web cloud solutions. This suite of solutions ideally places the Group to meet the growing demand for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services for its three main customer segments:

  • Tech & Software Companies,
  • SMBs, Corporates & Public Entities, and
  • White-Labellers & Resellers.

High performance, open, transparent services and predictable prices

OVHcloud's combination of high performance with more affordable pricing has been recognised by customers as a key differentiator.

OVHcloud offers best-in-class performance features, such as product delivery within minutes, service level agreements with guaranteed maximum downtime, numerous recognised security certifications and a high degree of customisation. OVHcloud's cost advantage is visible in all of its offerings, with attractive monthly fees and service option prices in its private cloud offerings, and a predictable, all-inclusive public cloud pricing model (with exceptions), with no additional charges for services.

A vertically integrated model

OVHcloud operates under a unique, vertically integrated production model, which is the central driving force of the Group's performance, agility and sustainable innovation.

This integrated model covers the manufacturing of its servers, the operation of its data centres, its network resources, to the management of its IT infrastructure. With the support of proprietary technology, this enables OVHcloud to create a substantial cost advantage and facilitates its price leadership.

OVHcloud - Integrated model

A pioneer in open source cloud solutions with an active network of technology and business partners

OVHcloud has deployed an ecosystem strategy that makes it a driving force in European open-source technologies. The collaborative ecosystem approach allows OVHcloud to leverage a wide range of technical (system integrators, service providers, software application providers) and business experts.

Its go-to-market strategy includes partnerships with more than 350 key systems integrators and managed service providers who integrate OVHcloud solutions into their offerings. Through its “open trusted cloud” programme, more than 300 software application providers have been awarded a label from OVHcloud, certifying their compliance with European data sovereignty standards. OVHcloud's marketplace programme gives web cloud customers access to over 120 fully digital SaaS and PaaS solutions from approximately 30 providers.

This deep involvement in open-source communities allows OVHcloud to accelerate the development of its own solutions, while keeping up with customer expectations.

Generating profitable growth

The Group believes that, as the only European-based cloud provider of scale, with a unique, sustainable and data-sovereign business model, it is in a strong position to realize sustainable, profitable growth in the coming years.

OVHcloud has experienced substantial revenue growth since it was founded in 1999 and estimates that its revenues have grown at a compound annual rate of more than 20% from FY2010 to FY2020. In FY2020, the Group achieved substantial growth in revenues of 8.9% in FY2020 compared to FY2019, a solid adjusted EBITDA margin of 42%, and a current EBITDA margin of 40%.

Today, OVHcloud is the leading Europe-based cloud services provider, with €632 million of revenues, €263 million of adjusted EBITDA and €255 million of current EBITDA recorded in FY2020.

A committed leadership team and core values serving a vision: freedom within the cloud

OVHcloud was founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, its current Chairman, who has steered the company from its origins to its current position as a cloud leader and trusted cloud provider, enabling each person to create and do business freely.

Its CEO, Michel Paulin, has a proven track record in running technology and telecommunications companies, with over 35 years of experience in the sector.

The other members of the management team have significant experience, providing the Group with a strong and experienced management team capable of delivering on its strategic growth plan.